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Our gang recently ventured to Green Bay and Door County, Wisconsin for the lovely wedding of two of our own.

We decided it would be good, clean fun to start off the long weekend with a joyous tasting of cheese curds (turds) from as many local establishments as humanly (and humanely) possible.

I had been to GB before and tasted deep fried cheese curds before but had never compared them to other curds. See how they actually stacked up.

Was one curd really any different from another?

We were about to find out…

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Zesty’s is a super cute, 1950’s-esque custard shop that happens to sell fried cheese curds. I LOVE their custard but found the curds to be a bit pedestrian. Kind of like they knew they HAD to serve them.

I knew we could find better.

Our excitement proved to be too much for the patrons so we exited somewhat quickly.

Onto the next place!

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Curds and Custard often attract a hip, youthful crowd. Many of them years before needing a walker or cane.

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Too Cool for Curds

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Zesty’s also serve delicious custard!

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Captain created detailed spreadsheets to report our findings. Categories included Taste, Texture and Presentation.

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Tensions mount.

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Extremely worried that someone would fill out their ballot incorrectly. This is game time, people. Don’t eff this up!

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CURD TASTING #1 – “ZESTY’S” (white and cheddar)

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Matt samples another curd, refusing to give in and provide half-ass results.

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Curly’s is an upscale pub located inside Lambeau Field and I remember them having some top notch curds.

Things have not changed.

These guys came in more interesting shapes, were served a bit hotter (more ooey and gooey) and featured a nice marinara dipping sauce.

Just like a mozarella stick needs its sauce, I soon realized I felt the same way about fried cheese curds.

(These are fascinating findings, folks. Take notes!)

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Home of the Green Bay Packers!

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Krolls is a crusty yet friendly diner which serves really basic fried curds, similar to Zesty’s. While Captain found them to be her favorite, I wasn’t as into them.

But I sure loved their burger!

Our stomachs began to stretch, our bellies full…ONTO THE NEXT!

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Krolls famous Butter Burger (that’s not the official title but take three guesses what oozes out when you take your first bite. It rhymes with schmutter)

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For our final fried curd tasting, we chose the awesome Titletown Brewery for some nice, cold beers to wash down some of the curd action.

And to cool off. It was quite hot and humid outside and everyone knows Bun Boy is essentially a walking furnace.

These were my favorite curds of the day because not only were they served with a marinara sauce but also covered in grated parmesan cheese! Talk about raising the bar!

Tenille showed off her gut of steel by ordering a 117 beer tasting, which we all shared! (Slight exaggeration. She didn’t share).

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A Man and his Ball. (Donald Driver, GB Packer Receiver)

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Titletown Brewery, our final fried curd tasting.

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For our final tasting of the afternoon, we choose a more traditional route. Raw cheese curds! Untouched! Unspoiled! Unfried!

I really liked these, they were a nice change. And they can make the curds into any flavor of your choosing. We later doused ours with ranch seasoning.

After consuming more dairy than we ought to before trying to fit into wedding clothes and after much deliberation, we came up with a winner of the 2013 Bun Boy Cheese Curd Tasting Extravaganza (BBCCTE).

It was a close race but here are the winners in order of popularity:




4th: ZESTY’S


Congratulations Titletown! Please be on the lookout for a special winner’s certificate to arrive in the mail in 6-8 weeks, printed fancily on a Word Document. It may even come laminated.

A Special Thanks to all of the establishments who graciously served us cheese curds and put up with our antics and shenanigans. You are all winners even if you do not receive the special, possibly laminted Word Document.

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After popping fried cheese in my belly afternoon, my appreciation for the raw variety grew.

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Dats a lotta cheese.

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Engrossed and enthralled by the cheese curd video demonstration.

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Curds and Cherries. If there were ever two things that summed up our Wisconsin trip more…