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I would be in serious trouble if this den of devilish dairy was in my hood.

When it comes to my very favorite dish ever, I’m torn between Mac and Cheese or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

My favorite kind of grilled cheese is the ghettoist of ghetto white bread and American cheese.

Oh, and a shit ton of butter.

I was kind of ready for Heywood to disapoint me. I mean, it’s in Silverlake. You can make any menu item vegan.

Was this place going to try and pull a bullshit “healthy” spin on things??

I soon learned Heywood doesn’t eff around! On our first visit, we ordered 4 different sandwiches and not a single one disappointed!

Not a single gimmick, whether it be truffles or spicy, nothing detracts from the cheese and bread. The most important components.

All perfectly executed. Heywood done good.

My problem with many gourmet grilled cheeses is the multitude of “fun” additions which often overpower the heavenly simplicity of what the thing is supposed to be.


We tried four different options and I honestly can’t decide which I liked better. Each one was delicious in it’s own way.

The Bon Appetite Brie is definitely something to share for dessert.

The Truffle Shuffle wasn’t overwhelmed by the truffle goodness.

The Muy Caliente packed just enough heat and the soup was unique and delicious.

I guess if i had to pick one not to order again, it would be the Game Changer, the double gloucester and habanero jam was an interesting and tasty combo but the other options we ordered outshined it.

On my second visit, I went by myself (closet eater) and ordered the Heywood, a more classic take on things with delicious aged cheddar and carmelized onions. A definite favorite.

I really enjoyed the crispy cheese crust on the Inside Out and appreciated the tomatoes inside as provolone itself doesn’t have a lot of flavor.

In summary, I love LOVE this place. Even if I suddenly developed a lactose intolerance, I would make the trek here and gladly deal with my punishment later.

3337 1/2 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 667-1522
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A Quadruple Decker of Grilled Cheese! In order from the bottom: Muy Caliente, Game Changer, Tres Truffle Shuffle & Bon Appetite Brie

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Inside Out – Toasted Cheddar crust and Provolone and Bruschetta Spread inside

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The Heywood – 2 Year Old English Cheddar with a Carmelized Onion Confit on Toasted Sourdough

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Amazing chunky Tomato Soup

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The wall is filled with cheese facts and related quotes