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Forest Fire Roll – Albacore, Avocado and Ginger topped with Spicy Tuna and Crispy Red Onions with Ponzu.

When you peruse Yelp reviews for Sushi restaurants, the results fall on both ends of the spectrum (Unless you’re looking at one of the biggies, like Urasawa or Matsuhisa).

You either get “the worst fish ever, service was dreadful”….or “this is my go-to spot for sushi”.

Going to sushi is apparently like Russian roulette.

Cafe Sushi has sat kitty corner to the Beverly Center for ages, it seems. I guess that’s a good sign?

The interior is just a tad outdated (thankfully the 80’s are IN again). I could have sworn that was a non-ironic Nagel painting hung next to our booth.

But they have booths! Love and miss booths!

Nothing like the feeling of being able to sprawl out, arms outstretched, in your own private decadent piggie playground.

No one can see how gross you look when you eat.

Bring back booths! Bring back booths!

Some standouts were the Spicy Tuna Rice Cakes. I liked that the crispy rice was actually still hot and the tuna was plentiful and tasty.

The Forest Fire roll was great, just a tad (or a smidgen, if you will) too fishy.

Chesty Morgan loved the Eel Roll and I thought the Chicken Kara-Age was tasty, but not the best I’ve had.

My favorite dish of the night was the Pumpkin Roll.

Loved the creaminess of the pumpkin, I would come back just to order this roll to go.

Not sure how that bodes for a sushi place, to have the thing you enjoyed the most to be a fish free dish?

Take it as you will, I’ll be back! I love booths!

8459 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 651-4020
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Spicy Tuna on Rice Cakes

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Jampapeno – Yellowtail Sashimi with sliced Jalapenos.

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Kara-Age Chicken