Connie and Ted’s may well be the biggest restaurant opening this year.

And also my first time ever going on opening night.

Usually one waits a few months til the bugs are worked out but sometimes you just cannot control yourself!

First of all, Connie and Ted’s (the very casual, seafood-centric creation from the folks at Providence) is big, open and airy. Love that. You aren’t crammed next to the your neighbors pretending not to listen to their dull and/or pretentious conversation (and hoping they’re not listening to yours!)

The servers were all well informed and super friendly. Perhaps trying a bit too hard, but I never fault someone for being TOO good at their job.

We pretty much ordered some of everything on the menu. But not enough for my liking, so I walked up to the hostess in the middle of my meal and made another reservation for a month from now to go again and get more stuff. I’m obsessed, I tell ya.

(Both of these visits are detailed below in the photographs, you can tell the later visit by the shittier photographs)

Between the lot of us, we were able to try most of the cocktails. Especially loved the Sailor’s Delight and Indian Summer…the more girly drinks. But they offer several fairly boozy sipping cocktails for the real men such as the now off the menu Dickerson.


PEEKY TOE CRAB CAKE: Shockingly, it was my first crab cake ever (I have shellfish issues, people) and I was highly impressed. Simple, moist and flakey. Loved the tartar sauce accompanying it.

MAC AND CHEESE: Some of the best I’ve EVER had. Super basic, thick and creamy with a crunchy topping. No trendy gimmicks. Just damn good M & C. We even ordered this again on the second visit.

PORTUGUESE FISH STEW: A little bit of everything from the sea (mostly mussels/clams), in a fantastic chorizo-y broth.

PARKER ROLLS: Order these NOW.

BACON HOOK BURGER: If any of your party isn’t in a fish mood but don’t have the cash to drop for a steak, order the burger. It’s top notch, no complaints. While we enjoyed the bone-in Rib Eye, do you really need to come to a place like this if you don’t enjoy seafood? I guess if all your friends are going and you don’t want to be left out, I get it. Fine. So needy, you are.

STUFFIES: Decadent and perfect for sharing.

There weren’t really many lowlights, but the breading on my Fish and Chips on my first visit could have been crispier. The actual fish was excellent, however. When I ordered the cod for my sandwich on my second visit, the overall fish was perfection so just ignore the first part of this paragraph.

What am I thinking, you probably haven’t read any of this, anyway.


We tried the Angels on Horseback (the bacon-wrapped oysters) and this was also my first time putting one of these shelled wonders in my mouth. They are a fun and inventive appetizer but the trick is you must actually like oysters, and not be deathly afraid of them. Otherwise, you may nearly vomit at the table (I experienced several dry heaves). I knew I had to try an oyster at some point in my life and am glad I tried it here cuz I wanted the best. Now I know I can never have them again. If only to spare some waiter a horrific cleanup.

Connie and Ted’s is a perfect addition to West Hollwood. Casual, fun, bustling, likeable seafood joint that can also serve as a nice dinner out.

8171 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 848-2722
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