Pan con Pavo - Salvadorean Turkey Sandwich

Pan con Pavo – Salvadorean Turkey Sandwich

I recently realized I have all but ignored Los Angeles’s amazing array of South and Central American dining establishments.

Time to rectify this!

Today’s adventure brought us eastward. To the Beverly and Normandie area, rich with Salvadorean cuisine.

I was a good foodie and did my Yelp homework before deciding where to go.

10 minutes later we were walking into what seemed to be an old home or church and then sat down in someone’s large living room. Or so that’s how it felt.

We were greeted in Spanish and I tried my best with my 2 year high school Spanish replies.

Sonigram speaks Castilian Spanish, so we were able to get by for the remainder of the meal.

After I kept making fun of his Spain-esque lisping. “Grathais!”

The food here is homemade and dirt cheap.

We stuffed our faces for $25 and that included a beer and a deliciously sweet Ensalada. Ensalada’s are a Salvadorean fruit beverage with bits of fruit and herbs (often cilantro). So tasty.

We loved the Pan con Pavo, which was like an open faced turkey sandwich. Loads of shredded, juicy white meat stuffed in a big roll sitting in a light gravy.

The tamales were very light and airy, not my favorite.

The empenadas were not great. I would avoid them. Kind of overdone and the filling was a bit bland.

Definitely get at least one Pupusa (one of the more famous Salvadorean foods) to share and pile on the delicious slaw they give you in a huge, glass jar.

Chicken Tamale

Chicken Tamale

Pork and Veggie Empenadas

Pork and Veggie Empenadas

Pupusa Revuelta - Pork and Cheese with a do it yourself slaw container

Pupusa Revuelta – Pork and Cheese with a do it yourself slaw container

Ensaladas - So good!

Ensaladas – So good!