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Pork Soup Dumplings

Pingtung has my dream menu, various Asian eats at my disposal. Ramen, Dim Sum, Sushi, Vietnamese….drool-worthy!

Don’t let the small front seating area fool you, there’s also a large patio in the back. That’s where all the people at!

Tonight, Clyde and I had a devil of a time finding a place to eat.

We thought we had ressies at Genwa Korean BBQ. “But my assistant made the reservation this morning, I heard her”.

“We actually don’t take reservations sir, but I’d be happy to place your name on the wait list”.

With an almost 30 minute wait ahead of us and Clyde’s temperatures soaring, we were outta there.

We decided to drive further into the heart of Koreatown for an alternate BBQ spot, Soowon.

Soowon’s wait was 45 minutes.

We would have already been placing a piece of expertly seared mammal flesh into our mouths at Genwa by now.

So, we left there, too.

After several times pulling over to look for a place on our cell phones and me blanking on my internal master list of restaurants, we finally remembered Pingtung.

Seated in seconds, we were shoving copious amounts of dim sum down our gullets faster than you can say “You can take your no reservation policy and shove it!”.

Perhaps, even faster.

My favorites were the Shanghai Panfried Pork Buns, the Chicken Chow Fun and the greasy but amazing Flatbread Beef Roll. Loved the light sweetness of the beefy filling! Just wear gloves when you pick it up.

We found the shrimp dumplings lacking in flavor and the radish cake was a bit too greasy. Still tasty, though!

When we spoke to the owner, he mentioned they have a ramen expert in the kitchen so I think I might have to go back before this post goes up and try one of their nummers sounding Ramen selection.

Yes, I believe Ramen should be capitalized. Have some respect!

7455 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 866-1866
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