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Turkey Avocado

If you’re a sub shop, I feel like you got a leg up in the restaurant biz.

Sandwiches are something people can eat every day. Not a special occasion kinda food like oysters or Twinkies.

I would eat at a place like Papa Jakes (I almost wrote John’s) once a week just cuz a sandwich under $10 is something I can commit to on a regular basis.

The Meatball was certainly the highlight. I like that they’re smashed and on the smaller side. The bread is amazing. Thin, soft with a crusty exterior French bread. Very simple and yum.

The famous Tuna was also amazing, the tuna was on the mayoey side (which I love) but that may deter some folks.

The Chicken Parmesan stood out because the chicken was shredded, some some bulbous patty shoved in a bun. Maybe could have used more cheese but I probably would have regretted it.

The Mushroom Pepper Cheesesteak was good. While cheesesteaks seem to be what everone on Yelp is ordering, I’m not sure they’re gonna win any awards. The meat could have been jucier. I could have used more cheese. Preferably Wiz.

The Turkey Avocado was as good as you can get with that situation. I mean, have you ever had a turkey sandwich that knocked your socks off?

If you have, its probably because of whatever ELSE is on the sandwich with it. Turkey is dry and boring, people. It needs gravy, cranberries, mashed pots and stuffing and a hit off a joint to give it a personality.

9527 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 276-7823
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Mushroom Pepper Steak

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The Famous Tuna with Cheese

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Chicken Parmesan with seasoned fries