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Angry Chicken – crispy chicken | hot sauce | blue cheese

Mondo Taco is another one of those places who’s menu I become obsessed with.

“Must bring lots of friends, must try every taco”…I plot.

On this night, Chesty, Clyde and I were able to sample 12 delicious, unique, globally themed tacos….

…there are still so many I still need to try.

FYI, that’s the theme here. Tacos from around the globe. Around the world in 80 tacos.

You want Thai, you want Indian, you want Greek? Mondo Tacos got ya covered.


*Love, love the handmade corn tortillas. They’re soft and malleable, unlike store bought. Scratchy and breakable.

*French Kiss – The mushroom dijon sauce was so freaking good, I need to learn how to make this at home and then pour it directly into my mouth.

*Angry Chicken – The star of the menu, the thick pieces of all white meat, the tang of the buffalo sauce and the creaminess of the blue cheese. All the buffalo wing flavor without the orange fingers (and shirts..and pants..)

*Big Ben – All their tacos from the sea were fantastic, the fish was cooked perfectly. Loved the tarter on this one.

*The meats were all super high quality, no bits of fat or gristle. Even some of the tacos that I enjoyed less, such as the Holy Mole and Car-Neato still had excellently seasoned, grade A meat.

The joint is a bit small so try to come during the off hours if you don’t like being around people. The prices are insanly cheap for the big ass deliciousness you get.

Trust me, you’ll toil for hours gazing at the menu wondering which tacos to choose.

FYI, just plan on coming back a few more times to alleviate any buyer’s remorse.

1292 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 939-0161
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Bayou Fish – grilled Cajun fish | jambalaya | Cajun aioli

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Alexander the Great – Grilled chicken breast | whole marinated chipotle peppers | goat cheese | cilantro creme

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Tokyo Shrimp – Tempura shrimp | avocado | spicy mayo

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Holy Mole – marinated chicken | mole | sesame seeds

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Big Ben – fish fry | tartar | lemon

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French Kiss – shredded pork | Dijon mushroom cream

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Tempeh Thailicious – tempeh | chipotle peanut sauce | cilantro | onions

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Deep South BBQ Chicken – crispy cayenne onions

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Car-Neato – pulled pork | salsa verde

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Yo Adrian – rib eye | peppers | onions | mushrooms l provolone

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Bring friends so you can share!

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