Passionfruit Italian Ice

Passionfruit Italian Ice

It’s difficult for me to try to describe what Water Ice is.

It’s like a slushi. But not.

It’s like sorbet. But not.

It’s like ice cream. But not.

It’s kind of like all three. It’s like a slushi that stays frozen longer. Scooped out of bins like ice cream but tasting more like a sorbet.

But not.

It’s creamy, flavored, pureed ice.

Straight from Philly.

And so freakin’ delicious. My friend, Chesty Morgan, nearly had an aneurysm she was so excited to, once again, try her favorite childhood dessert.

As a hot flash aficionado, I always appreciate a frozen treat. I would choose a popsicle over a hot meal any day.

Even as my final meal on death row.

What I also appreciated about Rita’s is the use of real ingredients.

The Cherry Ice had real bits of maraschino cherries. The Swedish Fish flavor had bits of the candy floating about.

And the stuff hardly melted, a disappointing fact about your typical slushi.

Another disappointing fact is you have to drive to Redondo Beach to get your Rita’s fix. But before you know it, one will soon open up in Santa Monica.

Rita’s has other frozen treats as well, including custard and shakes and Gelati’s which combine the custard and the water ice.

But for your first venture to Rita’s, you should stick to the Italian ice. Choose a large which nicely fits three different flavors. May as well go now. I’ll wait to hear what you think.

403 N Pacific Coast Hwy
Ste 101
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(424) 247-7511

Sheer Delight.

Sheer Delight.