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Salted Caramel Pecan Babka Roll

Sycamore Kitchen is a trendy breakfast/lunch spot on La Brea that, when visited at the wrong time, can bring on heart palpitations.

You saunter up to the counter, place your order and then hope to God you find a place amongst the hoards of people to sit. I wonder if there are extra seats in the bathroom?

The problem with a seating crisis at a breakfast spot like Sycamore is that it’s happening early in the morning. You don’t have the brain function to handle much stress at that time.

Sure, I could keep my nighttime eagle eyes open for a spare seat at the bar when my next cocktail depends on it.

But when you roll out of bed, you want easy and casual. Your PJ’s become day wear once a hat and shoes are worn in conjunction.

The thing that really pisses me off about this whole situation is that the FOOD IS AMAZING!!

This place would have been so easy to dismiss if the food was crap but my goodness it’s heavenly.

The super rich and crispy Brioche french toast was coated in sugary toffee caramel and the apple slaw nicely balanced out the onset of diabetes.

The famous Salted Pecan Babka Roll lived up to it’s reputation. It was soaked in flavorful goodness (an actual and rare ingredient) and we left not a crumb.

The dish that blew me away the most was the Scrambled Egg and Chorizo sandwich. Super simple. The chorizo wasn’t overpowering but, well, magical. The thick, soft, pillowy pan de mie never once aggresively tried to push out the delightful contents.

My advice would be to come early when normal people in LA aren’t even awake (or properly hungover) yet.

Problem solved.

143 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-0151
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Scrambled egg and chorizo sandwich, melted Swiss cheese, roasted onion, griddled pan de mie

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Cinnamon brioche French toast, grated apple slaw, whipped crème fraiche