Butcher's Chopped Salad - It's snowing!

Butcher’s Chopped Salad

There are restaurants that are worth a little road trip and the ones that are only good if they’re within spitting distance.

I believe many of the restaurants on Culver blvd get a lot more business since they’re a stone’s throw from Sony Studios. Many are good…but not all great.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Wildcraft. Great lunch spot, solid pizzas (I think we ordered the boring ones, no offense to my lunch buddies) and really great meatballs.

If I worked at Sony, I’d add this place to the rotation.

Probably wouldn’t come here if it were more than a 10 minute drive away, however.

But I hardly ever repeat restaurants anyways, so what do I know??

The schtick here is pizza with a sourdough crust.

Now, granted, I couldn’t taste sourdough in the crust, but I still don’t think it was bland, like some on Yelp have been saying.

The crust was more chewy than crispy but featured tasty and ample toppings.

Nothing pisses me off more than a pizza with a scant amount of sauce/cheese/meat thrown in the center, leaving a vast crust desert wasteland; empty and dry.

I need to start a petition with these places. Bring the sauce to the edges! Bring the sauce to the edges! I’ll picket and chant if necessary.

Oh, but Wildcraft wasn’t one of those places, remember.

BTW, our server had really great hair. It was distracting.

9725 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 815-8100

Brussels Sprouts - Found this dish a bit odd. I like shaved sprouts when they're raw and in a salad but doesn't work as well when they're cooked.

Brussels Sprouts

Meatballs - Awesome


The Veggie

The Veggie

The O.G.

The O.G.