Skimming through Yelp can be misleading. The first few reviews can be terrible and then you might not go, as a result.

You have to look at the overall average. If they’re averaging 2 stars, best to stay away then.

But everyone has their own experience and taste is so subjective.

One man’s soggy, flavorless fish tacos may be another man’s tasty, crunchy fruits del mar!

The latter was my case.

The batter was crunchy and packed with flavor, the fish was tender and juicy and not lost in all the batter and the tortilla held it’s own and did not fall apart.

On a side note, Chesty Morgan and I (after spending a hot afternoon hitting a bucket of balls at the Griffith Park driving range) spotted a skeletal frame wearing a pillow case dress walking along the side of the road stop to pick up a penny, presumably.

When she placed said penny into her mouth and bit it in half, we then realized it was most likely a delicious skittle.

We watched and narrated the entire exchange in awe.

See? Just like our experience at Best Fish Taco, one man’s forgotten penny skittle is another woman’s delicious treat!

1650 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 466-5552

Menu couldn't be simpler. They have a large canned soda selection (yay, Squirt!) and Horchata, Tamarindo and Jamaica. The trifecta of authentic Mexican beverages. All for a $1.00

Fish, Fish, Potato (duck, duck, goose) The potato is mashed, comes with cilantro and green onions.

The salsa section is ok, but when they say spicy, they mean it!

Make sure to sit outside: there are only a few grubby tables inside, the theme is ghetto underwater theme park and you're surrounded by hungry hipsters waiting for their order.

The perfect seat waits for you