Beef Kefta Kebab

I don’t crave Middle Eastern food very often but am always pleased (and stuffed) when I finally eat it.

I mean, who doesn’t love hummus? Or hommos, as they annoyingly spell it. (Whadya call me??)

Hummus done right is crazy fattening. The suggested serving size is, like, a teaspoon but only a full pint will satisfy me!

The Pastry Sampler was a fun way to start the meal (well, after the gallon of hummus). Each one was unique, although I didn’t care for the spinach sanbousek.

One thing which caused me great anxiety going in, was that the meat was going to be dry. Kebab meat can sometimes be jerkey in disguise but I was happily disappointed here.

Both the Chicken Schwarma and Beef Kefta Kebab were moist and flavorful. Loved the accompaniment of the salad (reminded me of a Greek salad) and the rice was fluffy and begging to be devoured.

Not one grain left behind!

FYI, Kefta is ground meat with onions and spices and then phallically shaped. Mine was uncircumsized.

Huge portions, friendly and speedy service and great prices (plates were about $10+) would make me come back again.

The next time I remember to crave it.

1776 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 475-3358

Hommos Appetizer

Pastry Sampler - Fatayer, Rekakak & 2 Sanbousek

Chicken Schwarma Plate

Not sure why, but I expected the place to be a dump