I AM ELATED Raw enchiladas with spicy corn, mango and red pepper sunflower seed pate, raw cacao mole, and cashew queso fresco on live spinach flax tortillas served with Mexican

I was nervous stepping into Cafe Gratitude for fear of the overwhelming “gratefulness” that would envelope me.

So much happy, vegan energy…I might have to punch someone.

While the mission statement might be more appropriate for a 3rd grade classroom, everyone was very chill, no one smothered me with unnecessary niceties and no one had pamphlets to share.

I do try to eat vegan at home when I can. Meat takes too much time and patience, anyways!

I guess it’s hard to get used to paying for it. I’m paying you for a meal I try to make at home…not very fun.

I’d rather pay you to make me something that could KILL me eventually. Very fun.

But since Bun Boy’s waistline is gradually increasing, I have no choice but to choose better restaurants. Those lacking the words “fried”.

The raw enchiladas were quite tasty, very dense and filling. I would have liked to see more done with the cole slaw, it was just some purple cabbage covered in a dried out sauce of some sort.

The mushrooms and polenta were warm and tasty. Nice portion too.

The bruschetta were a nice start. The cashew cheese nicely balanced out the tart pear and balsamic.

The star of the show was the AMAZING chocolate coconut pie. A bit on the pricey side but I still could have easily eaten two of these.

Unfortunatley, it was my friend’s birthday and I was obliged to share. Ugh. Someone’s always having a birthday, am I right?

What are YOU grateful for?? 😉

Seasonal Bruschetta - Pear, cashew mozzarella cheese, golden balsamic

I AM WARM-HEARTED Grilled polenta with mushroom ragu and spinach, ricotta cashew cheese, brazil nut parmesan and basil

I AM IRRESISTABLE - CHOCOLATE COCONUT CREAM PIE Coconut Cream Pie with chocolate swirl and dark chocolate crust

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