To make sure Boo’s got it right, I brought two Philly natives to make sure not a thing was out of place.

Except for the fact they didn’t have Tastykakes or Rita’s Water Ice. The two of them darted back inside to make sure those delicacies weren’t hidden somewhere.

The place is plain as day. Which is good. If you walk in to find trendy Edison bulbs and a salad of any sort, you know you’re in the wrong place for a good cheesesteak.

Boo’s is the kind of place you could spill your entire soda and no one would even blink an eye. Or necessarily clean it up after you’ve left.

Besides the fact all three of us kept spilling things at each turn, the cheesesteaks were fantastic! The Phillys agreed that Boo’s is the best in LA.

The meat was not fatty, very high quality. The authentic Amoroso rolls were soft yet firm. The Cheez Whiz was a nice touch and the fries were excellent.

The Pizzasteak was tasty but I would recomend the original if you only were going to visit once.

4501 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 661-1955

Sweet Peppersteak with Cheez Whiz

Cheese Fries


Tasted just like Lays.

No one wants to visit a fancy cheesesteak establishment. Today, we are not disappointed.

Chesty and I had a hard time not spilling soda all over everything. The dispensers are entirely at fault.