Only in LA...

This isn’t the name of an actual restaurant or anything. I’ve just decided to dedicate a blog post to one of the nameless/faceless hot dog carts that illegally roam the streets of LA and that every single one of us have tried at one point.

The Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog.

We’ve all tried one (I’m not talking to you, veggies). We just may not all remember trying it.

Step outside any sporting / concert venue or main thoroughfare in LA and you’ll see one of these ladies hocking their bacon wrapped wares. You hope and assume that everything’s fully cooked.

As you can see from the pic, it’s not an LA dog unless you pile on onions and jalapenos. And apparently cilantro?

The LA dog is delicious but let’s be honest folks…they’re really difficult to justify eating when you’re sober.

If you want to get a laugh, ask to see a health permit.

Hollywood Blvd.