Frito Pie

There are two Public School locations and I’m blogging about them both.


I have been dying to try this happy hour menu for months and thankfully, I wasn’t let down!

The scholastic theme is pretty prevelant, kudos to the consistency. And the beers were just like I had in high school.

The prices at the downtown location were really great. 5 items at $2 each, the rest were $4 and $6 each.

Best deal in town!

Unless you’re at a drive-thru staring glassy eyed at a .99 cent menu, I guess that’s better.

A better price, not better cuz you’re only there cuz you’re drunk.

The hits were the Deviled Eggs (looked like puke, but close your eyes as you eat), the Pretzel with the FABULOUS cheese sauce (drinkable) and the unique and tasty Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger Sliders. Don’t be fooled, the combo works!

The misses were the Frito Pie (not enough chili) and the Thai Spring Roll (looks like a stuffed condom).

I didn’t get a pic of the Southside Nachos or Frito Pie Dog but everyone raved about them too.

I don’t think I’d come to Public School for a romantic dinner but there’s nothing wrong with a kick ass happy hour.

612 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 623-1172

Oven Baked Pretzel with Roasted Jalapeno Cheese Dip

PB & J Beef Sliders

Huevos al Diablo

Thai Noodle Spring Roll (I know what it looks like...)


Nothing says Happy Hour like almost getting in a fist fight!

As we patiently waited for a spot to open up at the communal table in the bar section, a lady waltzed right by us and asked the folks paying their bill if they were leaving.

Chesty Morgan and I darted right behind her and informed her politely that we were waiting for that spot.

Barely turning around to give us the time of day, she snottily replied “’s first come, first served.”

“Yeah, and we have been waiting to be served!”

I’m not sure what happened next but the people weren’t ready to leave yet and she said “Well, they’re not leaving anyways, so I guess you’re out of luck!”

And with that, the witch floated away to wait for another spot.

Of course, we audibly threw a few profanities her way.

Well, the people changed their minds and decided to leave a few seconds later.

Before you know it, we were seated and ordering our food, while the witch waited on the sidelines for what seemed like ages.

Bitterly discussing the unhappy event. Chesty says “You know what’s NOT on the menu? My fist”!

We were halfway through our meal and the lady was STILL waiting.

I love instant karma.

The Culver City spot is more upbeat and friendly than the downtown location. The happy hour menu is slightly pricier but I think the food is a bit better.

Hightlights were the L.A. Dog, Speck and Eggs and PB&J Sliders. The nachos were ok but probably wouldn’t need to order the tacos again.

Hopefully the witch ordered two rounds of the sub par tacos and left Public School only to find a fat parking ticket and a 20 inch scratch on her Prius.

9411 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558-0414

All of Culver Blvd was a ghost town except for this place. Getting a seat during Happy Hour can be tough. BTW, I don't know any of these people. God damned communal tables.

Crispy Speck and Eggs

Parmesan Truffle Frites

Dos Tacos

L.A. Street Dog

Crispy Naked Wings

PB&J Sliders (again, I know. But they were that good!)

Southside Nachos