Pantera Rosa

Whenever I place a picture of a cocktail instead of food at the top of my post, that means I think a place should be more of a lounge than a restaurant.

Before I make my food comments, however, let me preface by saying this was a Valentine’s Day menu. These are not things on their normal menu and I believe the regular menu items would be far superior.

Sadie has a spacious, vintage vibe with a beautiful courtyard and would be the perfect place for drinks and nibs.

In fact, when I asked people if they’ve been here before, the response was usually “Only for drinks”.

That being said, I want to come back for the Sadie’s Fried Chicken and Deviled Eggs at a time when I’m allowed to have them.

Some may say going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is for the birds.

Well, if this were the 1950’s.

The traffic, the crowds, the overpriced, prefix menus.

The restaurants don’t like it either cuz they lose money on all the “tables for two”!

So, I won’t fully blame the undercooked egg on my asparagus tart, the overcooked Halibut or the disappointing malted mocha pot de creme on Sadie.

These poor dishes from the mandatory prefix menu were made 1000 times that night and I’m sure some of them were bound to receive less than adequate love and attention.

Our server was fantastic (thanks for putting up with the corny jokes) and the drinks were creative, subtle and elegant.

Sadie, I’m coming back for you! Just not on such an abhorrent holiday.

1638 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-0200

Maguey After Amaro / Kentucky Ninja

Amuse Bouche - Caesar Salad

TUNA TARTAR green papaya salad | sweet chile vinaigrette

ASPARAGUS TART poached egg | arugula salad | bacon vinaigrette

GRILLED CREEKSTONE FARMS RIBEYE truffled potato puree | asparagus | port wine sauce

PAN ROASTED ALASKAN HALIBUT risotto | wild mushrooms | mache

CHOCOLATE DUET peanut butter crunch bar | malted mocha pot de creme

LEMON RASPBERRY BOMB crispy meringue | almond brittle