Shabu Shabu is pretty healthy eatin'!

For my very first Shabu Shabu experience, I wanted to go with an expert.

Someone that knew her craft, an old pro to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself.

Thankfully, I had Devil Girl there to show me the shabu ropes.

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese dish introduced to Japan in the early 20th century. It was derived from the Chinese hot pot, where you cook your meats, veggies, noodles, ect in a hot broth and eat them with dipping sauces.

Traditionally, you then eat the broth with the rice at the end, but that option wasn’t really available to us at Shabu Shabuyo.

The delicious soup, which I had toiled so hard to make was snatched away at the end. My body’s sodium levels remained non-toxic, as a result.

In case you’re a novice, let me guide you through the process with Bun Boy’s Shabu Shabu tutorial. It’s kind of high maintenance eating, but is fun once you get the hang of it.

356 1/2 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 808-1211

They offer chopsticks with training wheels, for those in need.

There is a pot of boiling water in front of you. This will be your responsibility. Don't eff it up! Your pot of boiling water is your best friend. There are many others like it, but this one is yours.

You are given one plate of veggies/tofu/noodles. There are no refills.

More Veggies - you can opt out of any you wish.

You are given a plate of very lean meat which you'll place in the pot to cook.

The meat cooks in less than a minute, don't let it linger. Feel free to season it with the spices provided before cooking. Not sure if it really does anything or just come off in the boiling water.

Before you put any meat or veggies in the pot, season your broth with soy sauce, spices, garlic and onions.

Everything finishes cooking at different times. Don't leave the bok choy and cabbage in there as long as the carrots (obviously)

I usually put the veggies i would like to eat next, in first. Then place the meat in. Once the meat is done, I take both out, dip in the various dipping sauces provided and let rest on top of my bowl of rice before devouring.

This is your arsenal. Boil your crap, dip it in a sauce, place on bowl of rice and eat once it's cooled down a bit.