This is what a Hot Mess is supposed to look like...

I love me a novelty fast food item!

Doritos taco shell? On it!

A burger shaped like a pizza? Damn you Burger King for not bringing it to the states.

Not sure how this spicy burger is supposed to represent 80’s Rock and Roll, but I still dig it. Man.

The gooey (and foul looking) white substance covering only half of my burger (below) was kind of flavorless but every bite containing a slice of jalapeno ended up being nacho perfection.

And damn, that infamous buttery sourdough bun has saved many an average burger contained within.

I kept forgetting there were onion rings encased inside until I felt an odd crunch, like someone had left bits of a Butterfinger inside.

Which I’m fine with.

That’s kinda rock ‘n’ roll, right?

When you look below at what a hot mess the Hot Mess actually is, you may be tempted to seek your hangover cure elsewhere.

But fear not, my drunk friend. This thing is worth your $5 and the heartburn you’ll soon experience afterwards.

This is what it actually looks like. A Hot Mess, indeed!