We're not gonna poop for a week!

If I was a food blogger worth my (kosher) salt, I would have written down the names of all these stinkin’ cheeses!

Instead, Chesty Morgan and I showed up, crammed copious amounts of lactose into our systems, washed it down with some tasty Bridlewood wines and we’re sitting at a local sushi bar not 15 minutes later.

Efficient moochers, you must admit!

This store is like stinky heaven to me! Cheeses as far as the nose can smell, piled to the ceiling like the plot of Shel Silverstein book.

Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout would not take the cheese out!


I’ve sent gift baskets to friends from here before and they’ve always made a substantial impression.

If you’re in the LA area and you want to kiss someone’s butt on their birthday or anniversary, come here.

Then, next year, save yourself some dough and go to Whole Foods and make your own damn basket. You spoiled them last year, they’ll eat Whole Foods cheese this year and like it.

419 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-2855

Don't be stingy now, ya'hear!