The Churchill is one of those sneaky places where you have a good time, go get your car from the valet, drive home and once you’re warm in your bed, you then realize: “Wait a second…was that place any good?!”

Nothing stood out as being bad at the time.

Nothing was spat out.

Nothing was thrown at the wall in disgust.

Everything seemed fine…

I think the Churchill just needs to be a place for drinks. Not every place has to be a restaurant.

Everyone knows you make the most money off your booze.

So Churchill (and others like you), stop trying to over extend yourself whilst gaining a bad reputation.

Cuz, you have really great booze!


Basket of Bread: yummy!

Amelia cocktail: tasty!

Hand Cut Spaghetti: simple but effective!

Gougeres: Great, little carby bites!

Duck Fat Popcorn: greasy and salty and yummy!


Beet Salad: Pretty but tiny portions

Kale Pizza: Kale was dried out and flavorless. Overall, this pizza was kinda bad.

Pork Meatball: It was good except for it being too salty.

Short rib Agnolotti: Dish was kind of a mess. Tiny pieces of pasta with dry contents, large pieces of undercooked greens.

But like I said, we had a good time and only now that I’m dissecting my meal did I remember that I don’t really care to ever return.

That’s all.

8384 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 655-8384



Duck Fat Popcorn

Hand Cut Spaghetti

Warm Bread

Toscano Pizza with squash, feta and black kale

Pork Meatball

Creme Brulee - Oh, I forgot this was pretty good!