Pilgrim Sandwich

The last time I blogged about Tavern (almost 3 years ago) I mentioned it reminded me of an upscale nursing home.

This fact has not changed.

We were by far the youngest guests and, in fact, were seated next to a gaggle of Golden Girls who ate nothing while they politely gossiped and only sipped on lemon water.

One balsy gal chose iced tea.

While this place may attract more of the well-to-do geriatric set, it’s absolutely gorgeous and a really nice place for a long, delicious lunch.

What I’m reviewing today is the Dine LA menu. I’ve been here for dinner and had the most delicious chicken dish I’ve EVER had. The Devil’s Chicken. Bummed it isn’t part of the lunch selections.

My salmon was PERFECTLY cooked, so moist and not at all fishy. Really loved how the parsnip, celery leaf and pomegranate all danced beautifully together. Like a delicate culinary orgy.

I couldn’t eat the farro and squash salad fast enough! The pesto sage was unique and addictive!

I found the sandwich a bit lacking, it seemed like it had been thrown together a bit too hastily. One bite and all the stuffing was gone! Uncivilized!

I enjoyed my ice cream sundae but those cookies were simple and a perfect meal ender. My friend kept swatting my hand away from them.

Today I dined with my friend Grace Slick.

Obviously, not the real Grace Slick but a carbon copy.

She regaled me with tales of her fight with a waitress (“Why are you just standing there?? Make my f***ing sweet potato fries!!”) and as a result, being asked to never come back. Also, getting in a screaming match at the gym with a much larger woman over the use of a thigh workout machine.

Always entertaining, Grace. Hats off.

11648 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 806-6464

Farro and Kabocha Squash Salad with Sage Pesto and Truffle Cheese

Tomato Soup - old people love this stuff!

Salmon with parsnip puree, celery leaf and pomegranate

The Pilgrim Sandwich with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mayo

Cookies and Milk

Smores Chocolate Sundae with marshmallow, graham cracker and popcorn