Pretzel Bread Breakfast Strata (Cheesy Eggy Bread, basically)

Tonight’s supper comes 95% from the Farmers Market.

It’s also 100% experimental and a weirdly random combination.

I didn’t have time to look up recipes. I just surveyed the landscape of market products and dove right in.

Today’s post also comes without any photo blow by blow. Just the end results, cuz I’m exhausted. And you suffer as a result.

A typical breakfast strata or casserole is kind of like a savory french toast bake. Except I used cut up soft Bavarian pretzels instead of white bread.

For the brussels sprouts salad, I put about two cups trimmed brussells in the food processor as well as some purple carrots I had. Then I threw in sliced apples, toffee peanuts and craisins.

For the dressing, I used sherry vinegar, a little mustard, honey and peanut butter (and, of course, salt and pepper). Next time I think bacon might need to go in this dish.

The is a carb heavy dish! Well, the actual dish is from the 70's, as you can see.