heirloom pumpkin, Sichuan pepper crust, pomegranate, brown butter, ricotta salata, crispy shallot.

Oh Superba….how you teased me for so long…

All the accolades and top restaurant lists.

As I don’t live anywhere near Venice, I had to pick an opportune time to sneak away for an extended lunch.

Road Trip!

Everything sounded so good….everything looked so good….

But in all honesty, it just didn’t do anything for me.


The few bites of heirloom pumpkin (above) were tasty and perfectly cooked but not really worth $13.

The chicken sandwich was fine but the chicken didn’t really have much of the “fried” elements I was hoping for. I could see the breading but could not taste it, nor was there any crunch. The slaw and bread were a nice accompaniment, however.

And I’m sorry to say but the mohawk macaroni was just weird tasting and I’m not sure exactly why. I loved all the ingredients! Something about it was just off…a little sour. Maybe too much blue cheese? Is there such a thing??

The outdoor seating was crazy uncomfortable, too. Papa’s got a bad back, son!

Super friendly service, though! Our waiter was awesome!

Also, loved the useage of fried herbs!

I suggest coming here for after work drinks and snacks and you’ll be all right.

Bun Boy has spoken….and no one cares.

533 Rose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90291
(310) 399-6400

mohawk macaroni, chicken sausage, butternut squash & bleu cheese

Superba fried chicken, zucchini/cabbage slaw & kimchi ketchup