MESS BURGER slow onions, Vermont cheddar, b&b pickles, smokey sauce, brioche, fries

Not every restaurant is supposed to be amazing. Some are just good and since when did “good” become a four letter word?

I think the LA restaurant scene has become spoiled and inundated. Places are opening up daily, popping up like delicious STD’s. Except more expensive to treat.

We want our minds blown with each bite.

We want to consume undiscovered sea life and rare, poisonous greens and parts of animals one was not meant to eat.

We want trends.

We wanted pork belly and quinoa and kale. We got it.

Remember when we wanted foam? We got it.

And it was gross.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with good food and a good time.

That’s exactly what Mess Hall was for me. Everything was good. No mouthgasms. No “this is the best thing I’ve ever had”.

Just solid, tasty meals.

But that’s boring, right?


Mess Hall is a very popular joint right now, plan your visit accordingly.

The corn fritters were awesome but the two salads we ordered were a bit boring.

All of the entrees were quite tasty, no bad apples in the bunch.

Cocktails were really great, remember to order a few!

Service is attentive, you will not be ignored.

4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 660-6377


Rye Fizz

Oysters on the half shell

KALE CAESAR avocado, goat gouda, croutons

ROASTED BABY BEETS tiny lettuce, winter citrus, pistachios, pomegranate vinaigrette

SMOKED CORN FRITTERS poblano & pumpkin romesco

BRAISED SHORT RIB celery root mashed, brussels sprouts, horseradish creme friache

HOG CHOP center cut pork chop, white cheddar grits, mustard greens, tabasco butter

The Steak special of the day

SOME MORE chocolate cake bread pudding, marshmallow ice cream & graham tuile

BANANA CREAM JAR PIE vanilla wafer, whipped cream, toasted almond & banana brûlée