The start of our journey along the Lemosho Route. Please ignore my nerd hat. And our guide's lack of photography skills.

Here it is. The big day.

Well, the big 8 days.

There are six main routes up Mt. Kilimanjaro to choose from. Each has their pros and cons.

We chose the route with the highest success rate. Some routes only have a 50% chance of completion! Don’t like those odds at all!

The downside is, our hike would be longer than the other hikes by a few days. But we’d have more time on the mountain to acclimate to the crazy altitude and therefore have a better chance to succeed.

The Lemosho route is also less popular and very scenic; a few other reasons we chose it.

We had an afternoon and evening to relax at the luxurious and beautiful Mount Meru Hote prior. We spent most of this time playing Yahtzee by the pool or in the dining room for various meals.

Unaware of what lay before us….

Going over the big day tomorrow with our guide Charles and..uh...whatshisface (he didn't end up coming with us)

Room at the Mount Meru Hotel. When we asked for a room next to our friends, we were told no because this was the only room with twin beds. And then we're presented with this.

We spent a good deal of time lounging by the pool at the Mount Meru Hotel.

Final meal before our big hike tomorrow! Hangovers all around!

Thai Steak Salad

Steak and Scalloped Potatoes - One of the best meals so far.

17 Porters, 4 Guides, 3 Cooks - All catering to Five People (us). Such opulence! (And lots of tipping required, we'd later find)

Ground Carrots! Finding these on the ground, covered in soil, Captain promptly shoved one in her mouth. Our lovely, feral Captain.

The first two days of hiking would be through lush jungle like forests. And pretty much all uphill.

Technically, these were two person tents. They soon became Cocoons of Madness!

Tea and Popcorn in the Tent! How very civilized!

This was taken at the point of the trip where there were still smiles to be had.

Lunch Break. What wonders will I find in my sack lunch today?

We enjoyed a few days of rain

At each campsite, there were plenty of facilities at our disposal. However...

This is what we had to endure if we wanted to use the toilet.

Please sir, can I have some more?

Omelettes were usually provided for our breakfast each day. They were pretty tasty.

The daily selection of beverages provided at each meal.

A.K. so enjoyed his tent meals. He couldn't get enough!

Oh Kili, you icy behemoth. How you taunt us.

Similar in height to Kili, Patrick thought it wise to scale this monstrocity.

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah hurrah.

Several times a day, the fog/clouds would creep in and envelope us. Kind of cool. Kind of cold.

Enveloped by the fog...or clouds....we were never sure which.

Wherever you go, you'll find stacks of rocks. This one made ominous with the added bones of hikers who never made it.

Taking one of many breaks.

A.K. hesitates before entering his tent for the night - considering the cramped quarters, broken tent zippers, smelly sleeping bag and gassy spouse.

Early morning Kili before the sun rises. I'm sure no one is awake yet. Perfect time to sneak off to use the revolting "bathrooms"

Ugh, yet another day of hiking....

High above the sea of clouds. Pictures can't begin to capture how beautiful it was.

"I hope portions of my fingers don't freeze off"

Mt Kili in the background. Oh boy...