We pretty much had the ultimate safari experience. We spent about ten hours hunting down these amazing creatures and were treated to three separate incredible Lion sightings.

How lucky we were to be part of our own history channel special. Without any graphic killing.

Sad face 🙁

With our safari almost over, we knew the “vacation” portion of our journey had also ended.

Reality set it.

Up next, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kibo. Kili. The highest free standing mountain in the world.

We had no idea what we were in for…

But enough about that. We’re still on safari, dammit.

So lazy, these Lion things.

This lion couldn't be less interested. And might need a dermatologist.

Chillin' at the Hippo pond. Secretly hoping one would try to snap my foot off.

Hippos are fat, dangerous and cute! Like me.

We waited forever for this lazy ass Cheetah to move. This selfish beast simply refused to give me a better shot. As punishment, its currently stuffed on my mantle.

I could watch them for hours

Those tusks would make great book ends or back scratchers. Damn you strict hunting laws!

Oh...well, after you!

Damn you Leopard, show yourself!! I'm sure it was tailing us the entire time, ready to maim us at any moment.

It's refreshing to be able to eat fresh salads without fear of retribution!

African Heritage Beef Stew with Ugali (that white paste to the right, like a rice substitute) Very good!

Pork Chop

Apple Crumble with gross ice cream.

Delicious passion fruit for breakfast

Love spotting random wildlife (and perhaps peeing next to them) on the side of the road!

A bustling market...I think.

The entire trip I was obsessed with taking pics of women with stuff on their heads. I missed countless opportunities with really grand wooden baskets filled with gorgeous produce and instead only caught some of the bottom of the barrel.

Another attempt. I wanted a more exotic headdress...instead, I got a paint bucket and an old I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Container.

Supposedly the center of Africa...After Googling, I'm thinking this is untrue.

Buffet Lunch at The Arusha Hotel

Best Beef Kabobs Ever!