Bun - Noodles with Beef and Egg Roll

One of the best parts about Pho restaurants is if you forget the name, simply Google “PHO” as the word is 99% always in the restaurant name.

As is the case here. In fact, they even added a fancy French sounding twist.

But don’t be fooled. Inside is a super duper casual, somewhat inexpensive spot for really fantastic egg rolls and noodle dishes and kind of not great Pho.

Sorry, I feel bad saying it. But the beef Pho broth here seemed really weak. We attempted to remedy this with copious amounts of Sriracha.

It ended up being a hot sriracha soup. Not necessarily a bad thing!

Back to those amazing egg rolls!

They tasted more like Lumpia (which makes my heart sing). They never grew cold and they were packed with flavor.

The noodle dish was really good and the steak was expertly seasoned. I would have preferred smaller pieces, as trying to cut the beef with my chopsticks made me look like a special needs person.

8351 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 848-8881

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