Proscuitto always reminds me of human skin.

In continuing with the theme of foods I attempt that don’t go so well, I bring you my eggplant wrapped dates. Oh god. I guess this is why reading the recipe ahead of time is important.

I showed up to my friend’s house, not bringing any of the eggplant marinade. What was I thinking?? I guess I hoped he would have everything there already (not the case).

Also, the recipe called for a mandoline to cut the eggplant. Oops. I used an innapropriate knife and made about 6 horrifically inconsistantly thick but useable slices.

Oh…I’m supposed to grill these?? Oops.

Screw it, I’m just going to throw it all in the oven and hope for the best.

The pizzas were a no brainer. Fresh pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, have someone else stretch it out for you and then put some crap on it. Done. Easy. Delish.

Not my best Sunday Supper. Oh well, 3 more Pumpkin Beers please!

I try to use all the stuff I get free from the market. Even if it makes no sense together.

Yum! Stuffed cockroaches!

These look so gross. But taste great.

"I only worked for Pizza Hut for one day!"

Arugula makes pizza look fancy!

No matter what you put on a pizza, it will probably still taste good. Unless it's black olives.

I guess this is sort of a face?