Albacore Salsa

I spend so much time finding the best restaurants in LA, I often pay little attention to the gems in my own backyard.

We have quite a few sushi joints in Weho and I thought it was high time I tried a few of them out!

I drive by them every day and I guess I just assume there’s nothing to them. Except maybe a “C” rating and some time spent in the bathroom shortly after.

Yoshis is a “really casual, walk off the street, eat some soosh, get the hell out with no one the wiser” kinda spot.

That’s exactly what Elisabeth Moss from TV’s “Mad Men” was doing when she rushed out the door with some takeout. We see you Mossy. Relax, mad woman.

"Shall I fetch you some sushi, Mr. Draper?...Wait, I don't talk like that! And this is the 60's, what the hell is sushi??"

Yoshis makes up for the sadly lacking spicy tuna on rice cake (rice cake was too thin, tuna was a bit bland) for serving my hungry ass the unique Albacore Salsa (fresh slices of Albacore tuna accompanied by…salsa!) and the melt in your mouth Miso Sea Bass (a must order).

Plus, they have some great specials. Wednesdays are $1 sake night ($1.70 for a large). They get you drunk so you don’t notice the bill you’re racking up.

Well Yoshis, you’re lucky you live so close by. So nice to eat somewhere I can safely stumble home from!

8274 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 848-9105


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