Sosees Sandwich

Attari’s is a Persian sandwich shop in Westwood.

I was so intrigued by what the hell a Persian sandwich could be (I assumed it was a kabob jammed in a pita) that I could not rest until I finally tried it.

It honestly felt like we had walked into a sidewalk cafe in Persia (that’s still a country, right?)

I was the only white boy, I was the only young person and I was the only one not slathered in an inch of makeup or sporting enormous, designer sunglasses.

It was a trip, I loved it!

And I LOVE Persian sandwiches!

And I….need to calm down.

I usually know my way around ethnic cuisine but not Persian. Everything written on the menu board seemed foreign to me and every oddly colored item in the deli case threw me for a loop.

Was it pudding or hummus? Who knew!

The sandwiches I chose (I ignored the famous Tongue sandwich that they’re sort of famous for) were the Olivieh (a Persian chicken potato salad) and the Sosees (Persian “sausage”)

Both were served on really delicious, crusty french bread. The Olivieh was a really mayo heavy (which I love, you may not) chicken salad with pickles.

The Sosees was essentially a hot dog and pickle sandwich which I also enjoyed.

Attari also served Kabobs and other Iranian dishes as well as this yogurt lentil soup everyone was eating.

Also, the fridge was filled with random yogurt drinks. Yogurt sodas and herbed yogurt smoothies.

They both frightened and intrigued me.

They say yogurt is a great thing to drink to combat dodgy foods.

Must be why its so popular in Indian cuisine. “Ooh…that meat looks kinda rancid. Dump some yogurt on top and cook the sh*t out of it!”

1388 Westwood Blvd
West Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 441-5488

Olivieh Sandwich (Persian Chicken Potato Salad)