Duck Taco

All ya’ll haters gotsta chill out on the Chow hatin’.

Sure, you have to swipe your Amex Black card to gain entrance to the front door.

And fine, there’s no way in hell you’d find Mr Chow Noodles being served from a street vendor in Beijing.

But the food is really good (if you know what to order), the service is impeccable and you’re always guaranteed to see a celebrity of some sort.

In Beverly Hills, those things don’t come cheap.

So, stop coming to these kinds of restaurants and bitching and moaning about paying $35 for a few bites of really good spicy beef. That’s just the way it is here.

The Mr Chow Noodles are really special. Sort of like a (sorta) Asian Bolognese.

The dumplings were adorable juicy perfection.

A memorable part of the evening was being greeted by the luxurious champagne cart and wondering if the outrageous price list indicated by the glass or the bottle.

After being kindly coerced into the cheapest glass ($22 for a glass of Veuve) we threw caution (and our vulnerable wallets) to the wind and ordered whatever we wanted!

Mr Chow was my very first nice restaurant when I moved here 12 years ago. I felt like such a Fancy Pants McGee.

Paying $80 for my dinner and sitting near Burt Reynolds and his geriatric party group nearly sent me into a tailspin. That certainly wasn’t my life in Seattle.

I was hooked.

I was broke.

Thanks Mr Chow for the memories and getting me addicted to nice restaurants. Just don’t look at my beat up Honda Civic with the dangling side mirror that the valet is desperately trying to start.

344 N Camden Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-9911

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