ESTOFADO DE ALPACA Alpaca stew estofado, tagliatelle, aji amarillo sauce, fried organic fertile egg

Step right up folks! It’s LA’s favorite restaurant trend finally gone sour!

1. Overpriced, small plates (also called “snacks” or “bites”)
2. Trendy or obscure ingredients (such as cardoons or harissa)

Now, don’t get me wrong. If the food is amazing, I’m more than happy to submit my wallet for rape and I’m more than pretentious enough to appreciate some new onion breed.

We probably wouldn’t have been so unimpressed with Mo-Chica if the build up wasn’t so intense. I mean, everyone just raves about this place.

Calm down, people.

Ginger Gerrard and I decided not to go overboard and only order a few things as we felt the bill growing exponentially with each nibble of “fertile egg” and sip of the “Papa don’t Peach” cocktail.

When asked what makes an egg “fertile”, the waiter couldn’t really give us an answer. At least he was honest.

Let me also say this. With the exception of the Alpaca stew, I don’t really think we ordered any items that this place does best.

The dish below appears to have been sprinkled with fresh Peruvian flake!

I did really enjoy that Alpaca stew (there were probably four bites of it, hidden underneath the egg and noodles), it was unique and decadently tasty. Alpaca tastes like beef, only much cuter.

While we didn’t pretend to care mo-much for mo-chica, we did pretend that we were not still hungry upon our departure.

I had half a mind to hit up a Mickey D’s on my way home…

514 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 622-3744

PAPA A LA HUANCAINA TERRINE Peruvian potato terrine, bacon, fried quail egg, huancaina sauce

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