Carnitas Sope

Whether or not a restaurant is “authentic” is of little consequence to me.

I will not ostracize a place if they don’t import their salami from a cavern in Tuscany or churn their own free range butter.

I just want it to taste good and maybe not send me racing to the loo.

In my opinion, since we live in a city with a large Hispanic population, our worst Mexican spots are still going to be better than the average burrito hut in Montana.

At least we have an actual Mexican making our tortas.

That’s gotta be racist, right?

Now for the bad news (was there any good?):

Pinches tacos is just ok. Authentic or not.

The meats were kind of tough and the spices were kept at a minimum. A salsa bar would have been nice.

I liked the mole taco but the sope and gringo taco, I wouldn’t order again.

In conclusion, maybe I’m completely wrong in my stance on authenticity. Whatev.

3 Taco Plate

Pollo Mole Taco

El Gringo Taco (Shredded beef, deep fried)

Authentic Mexican Art