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Built in 1954, some things have clearly not changed since

I will admit here and now that I’m a Tiki fanatic. Not even sure if Tiki should be capitalized, but by golly I’m doin’ it!

This place is the original gangstah, it’s been around since 1954. It’s been hip and not hip so many times, I’m really shocked the decor appears to have pretty much stayed the same.

The cuisine is Hawaiian and is mostly pretty excellent. My Ono fish was a bit overcooked but our Sea Bass was perfection. And ginormous, like it just came out of a radioactive lake!

Does radiation even make things bigger? I’m a master of incorrect analogies. Deal with it, people.

Our waitress was really friendly, thanks so much whatever your name was!!

The drinks were great so make sure you don’t take any sober people here.

A word of warning, only order a Mai Tai if your esophagus requires unclogging. Or have issues with your stomach lining and…well…want to keep it intact.

2230 Shelter Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 222-1181
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Original Mai Tai (100% alcohol, no juice)

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Crispy Spring Rolls

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14 oz Sea Bass

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Fresh Catch of the Day - Ono