Pastrami on Rye with Mustard - Perfection

I’m not Jewish but, for some reason, I feel compelled to visit every Kosher dining establishment on Pico Boulevard.

I think I might be an honorary Jew? I’m sure someone’s made me one, at some point. I HAVE been to Israel. Doesn’t that automatically make me 10% Jewish?

Either way, Label’s Table is not your typical Kosher deli. It kind of reminds me of an old folk’s home cafeteria. In the 1960’s. After it had fallen on hard times.

The people at the counter speak slow and deliberate as if they’re used to speaking into hearing aid emblazoned ears.

I swear, every other table was filled with 70+ year old folks accompanied by their nurse.

In fact, I asked the nurse at the table next to us if I could take a picture of the 17 food dishes that lay in front of him.

He asked the older lady’s permission and she misunderstood. She removed her glasses and posed for a picture.

“Oh, you want your picture taken too?” I smiled and quickly snapped a bad photo of their food.

“Of course I want a picture, go ahead!” She commanded.

That was the one that turned out, of course. The idea of taking a picture of one’s food must have seemed as foreign as putting a slice of American cheese on her corned beef sandwich.

Oh shoot! I think I totally forgot to leave a tip. I’m a bastard.

9226 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 276-0388

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