Burrata, Black Fig and Prosciutto

Richest meal on record? Pretty damn close.

I met Chesty Morgan for a casual, Monday night supper near UCLA.

The perfect place for parents to take their broke college kids for a nice meal.

When they’re not all high on speed, that is. Damn college kids. All on speed. Every last one of ’em. Youth is wasted on the young, I always say.

Where was I?

Oh! The car alarm that wouldn’t stop going off right near our table. That was super fun.

No Bun Boy, the food!

To sum it up in just one word? Super rich but delicious cuisine. Say it fast and it will sound like one word.

We had a Blackboard Eats special, so we only had a few items to choose from for our three course menu.

So, we chose the most decadent items.

While burrata salads make me yawn, I still usually order them. I mean, it’s pre-digested mozzarella! Why chew when you can have Alicia Silverstone munch it up for ya!

The Sweet Corn Agnolotti was pure heart attack, sitting innocently on a plate.

SO GOOD! I mean. Worth every artery you will clog by consuming it. And you’ll clog at least 5. Is that a lot? I’m not a doctor, people.

I would suggest splitting the Butterscotch Bread Pudding.

We were little piggies and each wanted our own. But our mouths were bigger than our fat ass bellies and we soon began heaving enormous sighs so to relieve the pressure off our expanding waistlines.

All orders come with complimentary insulin shots, for your convenience.

Never has a near death dining experience been SO worth it!

1100 Glendon Ave
Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 824-3322

Seared Tuna Sashimi

Sweet Corn Agnolotti Sweet Corn Agnolotti - house made pasta, black summer truffle buerre fondue, parmesan

Butterscotch Bread Pudding with house made marshmellow