What a fun night of food, dance and sweating profusely at the table!!

Seriously, Thursday nights at Papa Cristo’s are a can’t miss situation. Bring a group. Make it happen. The food is awesome. Just come early, they close at 8 p.m.!

Lemme break it down for you.

Get over your shyness at the door (take a shot of ouzo or something) cuz you’ll be sitting with a dozen friends you haven’t met yet.

As I glanced around the stifling hot room, I realized every other table was a dead zone of folks too shy or elderly to speak unless it was important.

Thankfully our table was a riot and Chesty Morgan, Sonigram and I were seated with a group of fun folks, one of whom owns the food truck, Rosa’s Bella Cucina.

Rosa, you crazy!

The environment is super casual (plastic table cloths like on grandma’s couch and disposable plates, ect) and the food is served family style.

Hopefully the folks to your right don’t show up (like in our case), slightly decreasing the room’s body heat and providing ample space for empty plates.

The food could easily have been crap and I wouldn’t have cared. I just would have drank more!

But it was all so tasty! Like a church potluck where everyone brought a dish from home.

Actually, until the sultry belly dancer came out (much to everyone’s pervy delight) the whole experience was like eating with a big family.

Except with less fighting and food poisoning.

2771 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 737-2970

Everyone sits together like a big fat Greek family. Look how excited everyone looks! The woman and man to her left look like they're ready to spit out their Greek wine!

Take your medicine! - Judging by the enormity of this serving size, I feared I would pass out dead drunk by the time the wine tasting was over.

Greek Red Wine. This means something significant which I've since forgotten. What am I saying? I forgot it the second I learned it.

Dolmades, Feta and Olives (oh my)

Spanakopita. The messiest ethnic appetizer currently available.

Greek Salad Alert!

Lemon Oregeno Chicken (YUM!)

Marinated Lamb Loin

And Belly Dancing for dessert! Sonigram went up there and showed her a few tricks!

All the Greek wares you can handle! Papa Cristo (to the right of the photo, standing proudly at 4 feet something) will give you a deal. And then the deal he tells the cashier to give you gets mistranslated and you get an even better deal accidentally! Happy to take your drachma, fellas!