If I was ever to organize a fried chicken festival, the following would be my criteria:

* Invite too many people.

* Make sure it’s on a hot day, in a small restaurant with the a/c turned off.

* Make sure there is nowhere to sit.

* Have a signature cocktail that’s revolting.

* Invite every obnoxious food blogger in town (including myself)

Everywhere our group tried to stand to eat, we were in somebody’s way.

Every time I grabbed my food, I forgot to get a napkin and that sh*t was messy.

Ricardo Zarate - Picca / Mo-Chica

David LeFevre - MB Post

MB Post (2nd Best Chicken of the day!)

Mary Sue Milliken - Border Grill

Border Grill

I also realized how annoying people like me must be. Why is everyone a food blogger now? I guess cuz everyone eats food and almost everyone owns a camera. Not a lot skill required.

While the LA Fried Chicken Fest was the dictionary definition of a clusterf*ck, they are DAMN LUCKY the chicken was actually amazing.

The premise was 8 rock star chef’s from LA’s top restaurants come and make their version of fried chicken.

Half of the chefs prepared a creative version of fried chicken and the other half did classic fried. The latter seemed to have more success, with the exception of Ricardo’s quinoa fried chicken, which was quite excellent!

You walk up to the booth, they mark on your card (only one serving per person) and then you go with your plate ‘o poultry.

In theory.

"Another picture?? Seriously??"

Jazz Singsanong - Jitlada

Bryant Ng - The Spice Table

The average joe does that… the food blogger chats up the chef and takes a million pictures.

It made me want to get outta this business.

Being a small koi in a large koi pond made me feel kinda dumb.

There’s a reason our kind gets made fun of online so much.


Josef Centeno - Baco Mercat (Best Chicken of the Night!)

Mott Molina - Mozza