Taco Trio / chipotle braised chicken / pickled onion / cotija cheese / cilantro

FOOD: Good


DECOR: Small, dark, classy

PRICE: $15-20 for lunch $25-30 for dinner


The Great Hampton Fire:

I was in the middle of preparing ham and cheese filled pretzel bites. I had just sprinkled the cheddar and ham into the dough and rolled them up when an explosion occurred outside my window and the a/c unit stopped working.

I assumed it had burned out from all the power useage but then there were several more loud explosions. I realized a transformer outside was emitting sparks and then I saw a little flame appear on the trees that separate our two buildings.

I knew this was not going to be good. People were accumulating outside my door with raised voices. “What’s going on?? Is that tree on fire??”

A few more explosions and all the lights went out, including the street lights. Then everyone panicked. “Everyone, we gotta get out of the building” someone said.

My heart began to race!

I ran in and fumbled around in the pitch dark (in my messy ass room) and eventually grabbed my camera, laptop, wallet, keys and glasses and cell phone. I’ve been through a traumatizing fire before and I know the drill. Everyone kept stopping to look at the huge flames that looked like they were enveloping the entire side of our building.

Soon, the biggest concern was getting all the pets out. Someone was yelling “I can’t find the other cat!” and there was a barking dog locked inside a dark apartment.

Someone in our building ran down to the parking garage and sprayed everything down with water from a nearby hose to prevent it from spreading. Thank god he did, those trees do touch our building and the fire could have easily spread.

The thing that kept putting everyone on edge was the transformer kept exploding and spewing sparks and it felt like the fire trucks took forever. We all were waiting anxiously outside saying “Where are they, where are they??”

Our building is fine, no damage but our garage is filled with burned tree bits and firefighter foam. The smell is awful and our power was just turned on this morning.

What’s ironic about this whole situation is that I haven’t tried to make pretzels in 15 years, since I worked at Pretzel Time as a teenager. When I was involved in another big apartment fire.

I know what you’re thinking, but neither fire was my fault, I swear!!

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Sweet Potato Fries

Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad / arugula / cherry tomato / cucumber / pine nut / feta / lemon vinaigrette

Vanilla Roasted Beets / watercress / burrata / hazelnuts

A fire at our humble abode!