Every year, three of my friends throw a big joint birthday bash downtown, which usually starts off with a smaller pre-party dinner somewhere.

Somewhere we usually can never return to again.

We often apologize to the waiter in advance. “FYI, it’s gonna get ugly in here.”

We are not exactly the quietest bunch…

Wood Spoon is a cute little Brazilian spot a few blocks from the Hotel Figueroa, where the party was to be held.

Everyone’s favorite TV chef with the extra set of teeth, Giada De Laurentiis says it’s her favorite pot pie ever.

Except she manages to say it in an Italian accent.

So, most of us ordered it cuz when that big head speaks, we listen.

It’s a petite pie with a flakey crust and very creamy innards.

Now, I know there’s chicken and hearts of palm in there (as the menu states) but lord knows you couldn’t tell with that thick sauce enveloping everything in its delicious wake.

If you come here, you’ve gotta order the Mix Appetizer plate cuz they’re all deep fried winners.

The sangria is fun and tasty but as sangrias go, you need 18 to feel the buzz.

107 W 9th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 629-1765

Brazilian Pot Pie - – hearts of palm, olives & roasted corn

Mix Plate - Coxinha, Potato Croquette, Portuguese Croquette, Pastel Portuguese & Kibe

Calabreza Salad – hearts of palm, black olives, hard boiled egg & Calbreza sausage

Pork Burger – roasted cabbage, onions on toasted potato bread

Costelinha corn Canjiquinha – Pork short ribs with corn grits

White Sangria with Thyme