Let the debauchery begin!

I’m a very unprofessional food blogger.

I couldn’t tell ya where half of the delecacies below are from. I’m so bad.

I was too busy imbibing and devouring to be bothered to take any restaurant notes.

Plus, it was so hot out that I couldn’t bring myself to stand in the sun any longer than possible.

I had so much fun though!!

I have to admit, this event was very well organized. Plenty of food and booze at your fingertips. For being a sold out event, it didn’t feel too crowded and there were so many vendors that if one line was out of control, you could easily find another place to go nuts.

The only thing I would change for next year was to provide a discreet vomitorium so we could go back for seconds!

Bibigo - Kalbi Beef Bowl

The busiest booth of the day - as everyone needed to stay hydrated

Rock Sugar - Spicy Shrimp

Coupa Cafe - Arepa and Empanada

Susan Feniger's cooking demonstration

Lukshon - Pig's Ear

Picca / Mo-Chica

The Spice Table - Cereal Prawn ("Eat the whole thing! Even the head!") we were instructed.

Sangria! And the alcohol mixing continues...

Schulzie Bread Pudding

The Cake Mamas - Churro Cupcake

A bite of mole!

Sushi Roku

Gazpacho with fresh corn

Chicken Wings

Border Grill - Taco al Pastor

Plan Check - Smokey Fried Chicken

So much mixing of booze, my belly didn't know what to think!

Foodie Graffiti

The Counter - Veggie Burger