Al Caprino Pizzetta

When old school Vitello’s (where Robert Blake’s wife was shot) got a remodel, they apparently forgot to also improve the menu.

Now, I haven’t even been here before but MAN, their red sauce is sh*tty!

It’s like someone squished a bunch of tomatoes with their bare feet at the end of a hard days work and dumped it in a pot.


While I still managed to eat every bite (bad red sauce is still ok), it actually really worked well on the pizza we ordered.

Super thin crust, tart sauce, dots of cheese, prosciutto and arugula. Great combo. For a light snack.

We dined at Vitello’s for their Thursday Night Jazz in support of Clyde’s father’s jazz band coming into town.

They were fantastic, I am always in awe of live jazz musicians. Such talent! As all that sweat can testify.

Apparently the woman seated next to me was just as enthralled as she was typing on her phone the entire time. I put my fingers in her drink and she didn’t even notice.

4349 Tujunga Ave
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-0905

Caesar Salad with Crumbled Egg

Chicken Parmesan

Lasagna. Nuff said.

Michael Pedicin and his Quintet