Pink Eggs and Ham! (bacon)

Blue Cow is definitely a (blue) diamond (phillips) in the rough.


It’s hidden from street view in a sort of business plaza in downtown LA where boring execs and ambitious (slutty) assistants come for their 20 minute power lunches.

Or theater goers come for a nice but casual pre insert musical of the month here meal.

That’s basically your crowd.

Food is top notch. The hits were the fried chicken sammies and the fun and flavorful pink deviled eggs.

The caramelized peaches were awesome, really complimented the simple burrata and salty ham (which is cured in an attic like prosciutto).

Happy Hour is the time to come, everything is super cheap.


After the meal, Chesty Morgan and I went to see Mary Poppins the Musical.

You read that right.

Lemme describe the crowd. Half fell asleep halfway through or fanned themselves furiously (old people) and half were constantly being led by their mothers to the bathroom (toddlers).

We felt out of place until we were disctracted by the thinnest man on earth walking by (Jeff Goldbum). After stalking him for a bit, we took our seats.

My review of Mary Poppins? I have fond memories as a child and it was pleasant to hear all the familiar songs.

They made the Mary character into kind of a self centered, narcissistic shrew. But these are the moments the audience laughed the most.

Let’s face it, it’s a cheesy outdated story that needed a little tonge in cheek, so it all worked.

350 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 621-2249

BSB’s Country Fried Chicken Rolls

French (Onion Short Rib) Dip

Peaches, Burrata & Ham