Hickory Burger - Ample amounts of Hickory Sauce which tastes kind of like a combo of ketchup and bbq sauce

I won’t say Apple Pan is the crankiest diner in LA (that’s Factor’s Deli; that grey-haired waitress with the Elvira mullet will bite your head off and then take your order) or the most uncomfortably warm establishment this side of the 405 freeway (that’s the surface of the sun) but it comes close on both counts!

Why do people freak out about this place??

You walk into the crusty, prosaic 65 year old converted garage and are hit with a wave of heat and the dead stare of two grumpy old men at the counter (the only place to sit, no tables) wondering why you haven’t ordered yet.

No music.

No air conditioning.

No joy.

Hardly anything has changed since it first opened in 1947 and while that plays into Apple Pan’s charm, that’s not exactly a good thing.

The place looks like it could use some indoor power washing. And the drab interior is depressing.

Apple Pan is long overdue for a mysterious fire and subsequent remodel.

All that being said, dives can be fun if the food is good or they serve cocktails…

After seeing this burger appear on multiple Top Ten Burger lists lately, I felt it necessary to set the record straight.

This is not, in my humble statement of fact, one of LA’s best burgers.

It’s just all right.

It is not a reason to trek here from afar…like a Pioneer on his way to the better brothel across town.

Trust me, the house of ill repute near you is just fine.


The beef patty is on the thin side, which I prefer.

No tomatoes

Lots of really fresh iceberg lettuce

Simple, no frills burger. Not too big to bite into.

Burgers are decently priced, under $7.


Once you get past the history, there is zero ambiance here. Unless you enjoy ugly.

Try to come just before or after lunch hours or you won’t get a seat.

Cash Only!

The place needs some A/C!

It’s a smile free zone here; bad for kids, bad for the human spirit.

10801 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-3585

I guess they served soft drinks in snow cone cups in the 40's?

This is their actual cash register.