Almost all this crap came from the farmers market!

Since it’s clearly too dang hot to turn on any appliance but the a/c, I decided I needed to make some gazpacho.

I never thought I would like gazpacho. Who the hell wants to eat spoonfulls of salsa??

It’s SO much more than that. The olive oil, vinegar and cucumbers really make all the difference.

Traditional gazpacho is pureed but I just dumped everything in the food processor and did my thing til it was a pleasing consistency.

I was torn between two recipes.

Ina Garten’s (Barefoot Contessa) and Rachael Ray’s (Annoying).

So, I combined the two.

I used Ina’s recipe as a base and then threw in an jalapeno, lemon and cilantro from Rachael’s.

And then added fresh corn cuz I’m just INSANE and some basil cuz why not?