Piccante -
soppressata, garlic & Calabrian chiles

UCLA students sure have it good.

Besides their lives of privilege (I went to community college and am clearly bitter), they have about 124 amazing dining establishments within a few block radius. So many options for a post Ritalin/Adderall-binge meal!


No foodstuff better says “one which soaks up booze”.

At 800 Degrees, pizzas cook in about a minute. This is helpful when the line of customers snakes out the door and around the corner.

Trust me, as soon as you can say “Oh sh*t, this isn’t gonna work. In and Out is right…” you’ll have your pizza. Chill out.

Watching these beauties get made on the assembly line is fun but best to know what you’re gonna order before the angry mob tailing you decides to shove your ass in that 800 degree (I’m assuming?) oven.


Pizzas are thin-crusted and personal-sized, on the larger end.

They are crispy on the outside, soggy in the middle. Crust is very tasty, usually drizzled with olive oil.

Toppings are top notch and sparse. Which I prefer.

Prices are really reasonable. Their margherita pizzas is only $6.45.

10889 Lindbrook Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(424) 239-5010

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Capricciosa -
artichokes, funghi, olives, ham

The assembly line is fun to watch! No picking your nose, fellas. We're all watching...