Crying Tiger grilled pork in spicy lime juice sauce (featured in food network’s best thing i ever ate)

Ok, this is certainly a first for me.

A meal too spicy to finish??

Sadly, yes.

I’ve had my fair share of Thai food and as much as I begged and pleaded, it was never made spicy enough for me.

Such an insult. Do I look that white?

Every savory thing I put in my gob has some kind of spicy component.

I dilute my water with Sriracha hot sauce, for crap’s sake!

We ordered four dishes from Jitlada’s southern Thai portion of the menu and it has got to be the spiciest overall meal I’ve ever consumed.


It almost became unbearable!

While the flavors were unique and new to me, I’m not sure I would need to order Southern Thai food again. The heat got in the way of the enjoyment.

And I’ve never uttered that sentence in my life.

The best dish (who’s photo did not turn out) was the Crispy Morning Glory salad. So flavorful and delicious with lots of shrimp and deep fried water cress.

We took sporadic bites of this dish to cool down our mouths as needed.

Our eyes watered throughout most of the meal (Chesty Morgan couldn’t stop her deliberate, deep exhales.)

Eventually, we paid our bill and raced to Yogurtland to cool down our flaming tongues.

What a bunch of wimps we are…

Jitlada Thai on Urbanspoon

5233 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-3104

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