There are a few dishes which I’ve made so often that I’m sort of known for them.

Well, probably only two.

My Thai Red Curry. And my Mini Meatloaves.

My curry will spice your socks off (you’ll need to keep a box of tissues handy) and my meatloaves are what I judge all other meatloaves against.

I must humbly admit….I’ve yet to taste better.

Why are so many meatloaves SO bad?? It’s meat! In a loaf shape!

How hard is it to inject some flava, people??

The key to mine are the fresh thyme and parsley. And a bunch of sauteed onions and garlic. Nothing mindblowing or weird.

Apparently, it’s challenging to make turkey meatloaf taste like something OTHER than a really old sponge soaked in ketchup.

I’m talking to you, Trader Joes.

I normally would never blaspheme my loaves with turkey. But I’ve evolved.

So has my cholesterol.

By mixing regular ground turkey and ground turkey breast (and all the crap I listed above), I managed to make these low fat without causing one to spit their bite out, slap their neighbor and throw the rest through the closest wall.

Here’s the original recipe which I bumped up the quantity of herbs and substituted the good meats for the necessary ones.